Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-cup Pod Coffee Maker


When you think about instant coffee machines, you think Keurig.

This household brand has an impressive range of single serve coffee machines and the classic K55 is a no-nonsense budget option from the Keurig 1.0 series.

If you want the intricate process and total control you’ll get using the pour-over method, the Keurig will disappoint.

If, on the other hand, you’re pressed for time and want Starbucks-level coffee without the daily cost in minutes flat, the K55 makes perfect sense.

Today, we’ll contrast the pros and cons of this stellar machine so you can determine clearly whether or not this type of coffee machine will serve your needs.

We’ll also outline how best to prep and get going straight out the box. We’ll guide you through getting that water filter installed then show you how to flush all taint from the system with a couple of preparatory rinse cycles. After that, you can see just how quick and easy it is to get coffee in a few minutes at the push of a button.

So if that sounds like the kind of convenience you need in your life, you’re in for a treat today!

Before anything else, we’ll highlight the raw features so you can see at a glance what you’ll get with the legendary Keurig K55…

Keurig K55 Review

I. Keurig K55 Features

  • 3 drink sizes: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz
  • Use any K-Cup pod
  • Starter pack of 4 K-Cup pods included
  • 2 water filters
  • 48oz water reservoir makes 6 coffees
  • Removable drip tray with 7 inch clearance
  • Warning indicators
  • Programmable auto shut-off
  • 1 year limited guarantee

III. How Keurig K55 Brews

Once everything is up and running, you’ll consistently have coffee in your cup in less than 5 minutes.

Setting things up takes a little time but it’s straightforward stuff so read on and you’ll be brewing in no time…

First thing’s first, it’s advisable to set up and make use of the provided water filter kit before running your Keurig through a preparatory rinse cycle.

Fire Up The Water Filter

  1. Let the filter soak in water for 5 minutes and shake off any excess water
  2. Insert the filter into the holder
  3. Rinse the mesh under the bottom filter holder
  4. Thoroughly wash both upper and lower filter holders
  5. Pop the filter into the holder
  6. Set the dial for 2 months so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to swap out the filter. You’ll get 3 filters included. After that, you can easily buy the charcoal filters at a very reasonable price

Don’t Forget To Rinse First

Keurig advise running what’s known as a brewer’s rinse before you get down to your first coffee.

You might think this is unnecessary but it’s well worth flushing the brewing system fully before you lock and load.

  1. Top up the tank with filtered or bottled water
  2. Snap on the lid and replace the reservoir
  3. Place a big cup on the drip tray and Power up your Keurig
  4. Watch for the red light after the water has heated up in roughly 4 minutes
  5. 3 blue lights mean it’s time to lift and lower the handle remembering not to insert a K-Cup pod
  6. Hit the Small cup button and once the machine does it work that’s your first preparatory cycle nailed

Rinse and Repeat Then Your First Coffee Is Ready

  1. Keep your Keurig running and replace your cup on the drip tray
  2. Top up the water tank to the maximum marked level
  3. Hit Power then repeat the brewer’s rinse one final time by lifting and lowering the handle without inserting a pod
  4. Ditch the flushed water from your cup and return it once again to the drip tray ready for that first delicious coffee
  5. Lift the handle and insert your pod
  6. Lower the handle
  7. Select your drink size
  8. Coffee is served

IV. Benefits of Keurig K55

If you’re not sure what this nifty single serve coffee machine will do for you, we’ll break down the direct benefits so you can see at a glance whether or not the K55 is the best option if you want gourmet coffee in a rush.

1. Design Classic

The K55 is an exercise in understated minimalism.

You won’t get all the levers and chrome of a semi-automatic espresso machine nor will you be bewildered by a barrage of menus. Instead, at just 13 inches high, you’ll get a hard-hitting coffee machine with absolutely no frills.

You’ll see 3 simple buttons in ascending order of cup size and another button to navigate descaling and activating the auto shut-off.

The simplicity of this machine and its remarkably small footprint mean it will slot in comfortably to just about any style of kitchen even if you don’t have much space.

2. Quickfire Brew Times

At the core of any single serve coffee machine is speed…

After all, if you’re investing in an appliance for the sake of convenience, the last thing you want is to sit around waiting on lengthy brew times. You can break out the pour-over method if you’ve got that much time on your hands.

Each time you fire up the K55, you’ll need to give it 4 minutes to heat the water fully.

Once you’re up and running, giving the water a quick reheat takes just 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Brew time is a super-swift 30 seconds.

Think about it like this…

Even assuming a cold start, you’ll have steaming coffee in your mug in no more than 5 minutes which is pretty impressive.

And once you’ve got the machine running, that can be slashed to less than 60 seconds so you can’t look for too much more in an entry-level single serve coffee machine.

4. Versatility of Multiple Cup Sizes

Using the 3 pictorial buttons, choose from a 6-oz, 8-oz or 10-oz drink. This flexibility makes the K55 ideal for families with differing requirements.

If you’re looking for the strongest jolt, opt for the 6-oz cup.

With hundreds of varieties of coffee from all the world’s major roasters, you can kick back and enjoy a short espresso or a large mug of Americano as you prefer.

5.  Use Any Brand of K-Cup Pod


Hailing from the classic 1.0 Keurig line, you’ll be safe to pop in any type of K-Cup pod. With the rebooted 2.0 series, the barcode scanner limits you to proprietary pods limiting your choice and potentially ramping up the expense.

With the K55, use any brand of K-Cup pod you like.

If this overwhelming choice is still not enough, you’ll also be able to use ground coffee with your Keurig. All you need is a filter and you can widen your options still further.

6.  Auto Shut-Off for Safety and Economy

We know, it’s tempting to keep your Keurig ticking over to avoid that 4-minute prelude to heat the water.

There’s no harm in that but if you’re forgetful and prone to heading out with your machine still on, it’s drawing down unnecessary power.

After 2 hours of inactivity, the K55 will power down automatically maintaining kitchen safety while saving you money into the bargain.

7. Removable Drip Tray Simplifies Cleaning

You can’t escape a bit of mess when you’re brewing coffee, even if you’re using something simple like a single serve machine.

A removable drip tray is key since the bulk of debris and spatter tends to accumulate here. All you need to do is slip it out and wash it down and your Keurig will stay looking shop-fresh.

Keurig have designed a 7-inch clearance to make provision for larger cups and travel mugs.

8.  Make 5 Drinks Before Refilling

Coffee machines with inadequate reservoirs have you tediously scurrying to refill them after almost every use.

There’s no such nonsense with the K55. With a 48-oz water tank, you should get 5 small coffees from your machine before it needs a top-up.

You’ll be able to remove the tank to simplify refilling or simply lift the lid and pour in your bottle water.

9. Descaling Cycle to Optimize Maintenance

Even though you only need to think about it 3 or 4 times a year, descaling your Keurig will help keep away the minerals and sediment that accumulate due to the water.

Even if you treat your water with the provided water filter or you use bottled water, it still makes sense to descale your brewer a few times each year.

V. Drawbacks of Keurig K55

As you’ll soon see, the Keurig K55 has very few downsides set against the shower of benefits

1. Questionable Durability

Before addressing the issue of lifespan related to build quality, it’s worth underlining the fact this is a budget single serve coffee maker. We don’t say this to excuse shoddy workmanship merely to make sure you keep your expectations realistic. Think about your intended usage and determine for yourself whether you might be better off investing in something a little more heavy-duty.

Don’t get us wrong, the K55 is not poorly put-together but there is a preponderance of plastic that cheapens the look slightly while also raising questions about longevity.

You’ll get full coverage under the warranty for the first year. After this point, watch out for the pump going. Solenoids are another sticking point and both can result in a new machine being your most affordable option.

If you’re looking for a solid coffee machine that should give you a couple years of gourmet coffees at home without bankrupting you, the K55 will deliver.

2. Long Delay with Auto Shut-Off

Don’t panic and imagine the auto shut-off feature is broken or disabled when it fails to kick in for 2 hours.

This lengthy pre-set allows you to take full advantage of the rapid reheat option if you leave the machine idling. Rather than needing to wait a full 4 minutes for the water to heat up, a 15 second burst is enough.

Focus on the advantages of auto shut-off saving you money on your utility bills rather than worrying about how long it takes to spring into action.

3. Voltage Restrictions

Many electrical devices will operate on dual voltage but the K55 is not among them.

The K55 Classic will only run on 110 volts. If you have a 220-volt supply at home, you’ll need to think again or consider investing in a transformer.

Don’t overlook this issue and end up with a nasty surprise when you think you’re minutes away from your first K-Cup.

4. Limited Control Over Brew Cycle

The final gripe with the K55 is more a general complaint about single serve coffee makers worth pondering before you buy…

If you want freedom over variables in the brew cycle, you won’t get that with an instant machine like the Keurig K55. For anyone looking to tinker and experiment, to really dial in the roast, this is simply not the brewing method for you.

You’ll get consistently great coffee every time but you’ll have limited ability to fine-tune the process. If this sounds like an acceptable trade off, you’re going to love the K55.

VI. Who Will Buy It?

The Keurig K55 has legions of committed fans from all walks of life.

Convenience is perhaps the key selling point of this machine so anyone with a hectic schedule looking for a hassle-free coffee in minutes is likely to be attracted to the K55.

Bargain hunters also flock to the K55 since you get the chance to buy into a brand like Keurig without needing a bank loan.

So if you’re looking for consistently excellent coffee without any fanfare and you don’t want to outlay a fortune, the Keurig K55 is the obvious solution.

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