Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker Review

If coffee starts your day, it must be flavorful and refreshing. To ensure a bold taste, try Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker. This stylishly designed coffee machine will brew your cup of coffee to perfection and ensure you are refreshed and ready to go.

But that’s not all, the pod maker can also churn up a delicious glass of iced coffee or provide hot water for soups and tea, that too in a snap. With Keurig’s pod maker, all this could be done without even the slightest difficulty.

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Keurig K-Elite Features

The Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker comes loaded with a ton of features.

  • With this pod maker, you can choose the size and the type of your cup of coffee. The machine has settings for five different cup sizes, so you can get just the right amount of coffee that you want. But that’s not the end of customization, a special feature is the strong brew button which allows you to make your coffee extra strong.
  • If you want a cup of soup or a bowl of nutritious oats, just press the hot water button and you’ll have it in no time.
  • But its not just hot beverages and breakfast dishes that this beautifully constructed machine can provide. If you want to beat the heat with a reinvigorating glass of iced tea, that too is at your fingertips. Press the ‘Iced’ button and soon you would have a brew hot over ice for a delightful and delicious cup of iced coffee for yourself.

  • Keurig’s K-Elite pod maker comes with a large container that can hold up to 75 ounces of water at any given time. This is enough for brewing eight cups of coffee without refilling even once. To refill, all you need to do is detach the container from the machine and after filling it up put it back in its place. With such convenience, you will never find yourself overstretched for your cup of joe, even when extremely tired.
  • You also won’t find yourself bothered much even for the task of cleanup. The removable drip tray can contain a whole cup of brew in the event of it getting accidentally spilled. What’s more, when you go out for an excursion, you can remove the drip tray and replace it with a travel mug which can be as tall as 7.2.”
  • The premium brushed finish with metal details that characterizes the body and a sleek design would make sure that this appliance adds to your kitchen or living room’s look rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • The classy design of the body comes in easily manageable dimensions. The height of the machine is a very convenient 16.5” when the pod case is open and 13.1” when closed. The width of the Pod Maker is just 9.9”. This makes it easy to carry and easy to transfer from one place to another in the house. The whole contraption weighs just 6.6lbs and is much lighter than many other products which provide similar services.
  • The pack also contains a 6 count K-Cup Pod variety pack along with a water filter handle and a filter. You can get cracking with coffee making process as soon as you get your hands on the machine.

Keurig K-EliteBrewing Process

Keurig is a brand trusted by world’s biggest coffee shop chains and serves over 70 brands. The coffee machines by this company combine the finest technique of coffee-brewing with the ease of use for the customer.

The Pod Maker is compatible with all Keurig branded K-Cup pods. All you need to do is insert the pod and let the machine weave its magic.

  • Our K-Cup pods contain freshly-ground coffee from leading brands.
  • Once inside the machine, these freshly ground beans are saturated with hot water.
  • The concoction then flows through the filter paper.
  • The machine exerts gentle pressure to make sure that every last drop of flavorful and enriching coffee is extracted.

The whole process of brewing coffee takes less than a minute. This means, you almost, literally have a cup of coffee ready at the snap of your fingers. So, when you are having difficulty getting over the sleep in the morning or are completely exhausted at the end of a tiring day, you don’t have to wait at all for your recharging cup of caffeine concoction.

The brew you get at the end of the process has a temperature in the range of 187 to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. All you need to do now is enjoy this refreshing cup of coffee with or without adding milk and sugar.

Keurig K-Elite Advantages

When you get up in the morning or return from work in the evening, the first thing you need to enliven your senses is that perfect cup of coffee. Yes, you can go the nearest coffee shop and get one there, but why take the trouble when you can get an even better one at your home.

Besides, there is nothing like a cup of coffee in the relaxed environment of your house. You can sit back on your sofa while watching the news or at your dining table scouring the newspaper and take each sip with the attention and delight it deserves.

The biggest advantage of Keurig’s K-Elite Pod Maker is the lack of trouble it would give you with its highly-simple operating mechanism. You won’t be hassled trying to figure out the correct measure of water and coffee. The machine does that for you.

All that is required for you is to know the size of the cup you want, and the rest is just pushing of buttons. There is also no difficulty in getting an extra-strong brew as just one button needs to be pressed for that also.

Unlike some machines, Keurig’s Pod Maker comes with an additional feature which adds great value to it. This is the ‘Iced’ button. Suppose you are not looking for a hot cup of joe but instead one that would cool you down. This could very often be the case in summers. Here, the great benefit of this setting becomes clear.

It would give you the best iced coffee you can have without having to go to the nearest cafe and splurging money for it. Just stack up a nice glass with ice and place it on the tray. The stream of perfectly brewed coffee flowing through the ice cubes would give your eyes a tempting preview of what your palette is about to experience.

But it’s not just beverages that you can easily procure using this machine. Other items of breakfast or other meals that require hot water can also be had in no time whatsoever. Just press the hot water button and it doesn’t matter whether you want a bowl of nutritious oats or one of delectable soup, you will have hot water for it and can start enjoying.

The great distinguishing feature of this machine is the convenience with which it can be handled. With a size that is perfect, you won’t have much difficulty carrying it around or changing its spot. Taking it along with you on vacations won’t be tough either.

At home, whichever spot you choose to place it on, it would add to the aesthetic appeal of your house rather than affecting it. It’s a sleek design which is based on a body composed of a premium brushed finish with metal details. Whether you keep it in a corner of your kitchen or place it prominently in the living room, it’s going to attract the admiring eyes of your visitors before you impress them with the taste of the coffee it brews.

Not only does Keurig’s K-Elite Pod Maker ease the process of making coffee but also takes away all the difficulties related to cleaning. The removable drip tray is a great asset. It has enough capacity to fully contain one whole brew of coffee in case it gets spilled, thereby making sure that you don’t have to clean a widely spread mess due to an unfortunate accident.

Just as the tray can be easily removed and cleaned, the container or the reservoir, whatever you want to call it, is also detachable. So, you don’t have to carry the whole machine with you to the basin for refilling. Just remove the container from its position and fill it up and place it back in its position.

The capacity of the water container is another great asset. At any given time, it can hold up to 75 ounces of water. This is enough to brew as many as eight cups of coffee. On most occasions, you merely have to insert a pod and press the button. No need to go to the basin for a refuel every time.

This machine comes in handy even when you go out. The removable drip tray can be easily detached an its place can be taken by a travel mug. This can be as tall as 7.2”, giving you enough to last a short journey into the neighboring district if not more.

With so much to recommend it, the Keurig K-Elite Pod Maker is an absolute joy to possess. It’s great value for money and gives you a strongly brewed and refreshing cup of coffee whenever you want, wherever you want.

Keurig K-Elite Disadvantages

Like most coffee machines, the Pod Maker works according to preset sizes and not custom sizes. While there are as many as five different cup size options, you can’t go bigger or smaller than their range.

There isn’t any variety of colors for the pod maker. While the color in which the machine is available happens to be quite classy, people looking for other colors would be disappointed.

Another drawback could be the fact that this machine is compatible with only Keurig branded K-Cup pods and not others.

Apart from these little disadvantages, the machine is without any glaring deficiencies.

Who Will Buy It?

All those for whom coffee is an integral part of their life would love this product. And they would find it all the more tempting due to the presence of the hot water feature. This lets you use the Pod Maker for not just making coffee but also other items which need hot water.

For professionals, the machine is an absolute boon. You can have a cup of coffee immediately after returning from work. And you have the choice of either having a strong brew or a mild one, hot coffee or the iced variety.

But homemakers would also be keen on having this as part of their kitchen appliances. The fact that you can customize the type of coffee you want would take away the hassles of trying to figure out the quantities of coffee that needs to put and other measurements. The fact that it can also brew up iced coffee concoction adds to the list of attractions this machine has.


Keurig’s K-Elite K-Cup Pod Maker is going to add substantially to your comforts and to the joys of coffee lovers. Using a near-perfect brewing technique, it will make sure that every cup is made to perfection and abounds with taste and aroma.


The different varieties of coffee that can be prepared give you choices at fingertips. The whole idea behind this product from the stable of Keurig was to combine a modern design with beverage customization using programmable features.

With different sizes and types of brews, the product successfully achieves its aim and does even more. It provides a beautiful addition to your living room or kitchen’s look with its lovely design.

Easy to manage, easy to operate and easy to clean up are the prominent features of this user-friendly device. With the assurance of quality that Keurig brand supplies, you would have the facility of more customization than other machines. This distinguishing feature of the Pod Maker give it a unique place among products in this category. So, bring home Keurig’s K-Elite K-Cup Pod Maker and start experiencing the reinvigorating flavors of coffee.

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